2019 Registration is Closed

Both the student registration and teacher recommendation forms are required for participation in Just Chamber Music and must be received by April 1, 2019. All new students are required to submit a video to assist with group placement.

Attendance: All students attending the JCM Summer Festival are expected and required to attend every day during their scheduled ensemble time. By registering for the festival, you are commiting to this attendance policy.

Forms and payment: Complete online forms by the requested due date. Please provide us with the email address that you use and check on a regular basis. You may either pay online, or mail your registration payment to:
Just Chamber Music c/o Sue Temple 1812 Essex Drive
Fort Collins, CO 80526

Applications received after April 1st are subject to a $25.00 late registration fee.
All checks and money orders should be made payable to Just Chamber Music.
There is a $40 returned check fee.

Parents – please let us know if your student has a specific learning style or need which would assist us with proper group placement and coaching method

The total cost for each session is as follows:

  1. Overture Ensembles            $250.00 (Registration $130 + Tuition $120.00)

  2. Jubilate Woodwinds            $250.00 (Registration $130 + Tuition $120.00)

  3. Conservatory Ensembles     $320.00 (Registration $130 + Tuition $190.00)

The registration fee of $130.00 is non-refundable and due with the registration form.  The remaining balance (tuition) is due no later than 2 weeks prior to the first day of the Festival (June 3, 2019).  There is a late payment fee of $25.00.

**PLEASE NOTE** Your enrollment will not be complete until the registration form, deposit, teacher recommendation form and video have ALL been received.

Ensemble Placement: The selection committee will make the final decision on which ensemble time each student will attend. Students will be notified in early May.

Video Requirement: Video recordings are a necessary tool for placing students in groups.  All new students are required to submit a video.  Returning students may also be asked to submit a recording especially to be considered for advanced chamber music pieces.  These videos can be recorded on a laptop, smartphone or other similar recording device. Each student will receive an email with a link where you can submit your video. Students need to prepare with the following: Overture Ensembles 1.     Two 2 octave scales of your choice – quarter note = 60 2.     Solo piece of your choice - 2 to 3 minutes

Conservatory Ensembles 1.     Two 3 octave scales of your choice – quarter note = 80 2.     Solo piece of your choice – 2 to 3 minutes.

Email Sue at: for additional information. All forms must be completed. If a student does not have a private teacher, please have the student’s orchestra director complete the teacher recommendation form.

Registration Fee

Tuition Payments


“It was an amazing and new experience.  I had sooo much fun and I strongly suggest this camp to other musicians.”

- Chelsea, age 11


Just Chamber Music occasionally uses publicity photographs in its effort to help bring music education opportunities back to students. By submitting the application form, you irrevocably grant Just Chamber Music and its duly appointed agents the absolute right and permission to copyright and/or publish or use photographic portraits or pictures of you or your child, or in which you or your child may be included in whole or part, or composite in conjunction with your name or a fictitious name, or reproduction thereof in color or otherwise, made through any media, for art, advertising, or any other lawful purpose whatsoever. You also grant Just Chamber Music the same right and permission to use any statements or testimonials made by you.


By submitting the application you hereby authorize all medical, surgical, diagnostic, and hospital procedures as may be performed or prescribed by a treating licensed physician for your child if you cannot be reached in an emergency. You also agree that neither you nor your child will bring any claims of any kind against Just Chamber Music Festival Instructors, Operators or Sponsors as a result of any injuries, expenses, or damages that you or your child may suffer in connection with your child’s participation in the Festival, whether such claims are known, unknown, or may arise in the future. You also understand that no one associated with the Festival is authorized to alter, modify or waive any of the terms of this agreement in any way.

“You are the music while the music lasts.”
- T. S. Eliot

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