About Our organization


To provide a high quality summer chamber music festival where aspiring elementary, middle, high school and adult musicians can grow musically and individually within a supportive environment. Emphasis will be placed on fostering leadership, critical thinking and communication skills through the study of selected chamber music works.


Just Chamber Music (JCM) was started in 2008 to fill a void left when the String Quartet Program of Northern Colorado ended its program in Fort Collins. Since then, the program has grown in number of participants and is expanding to include Woodwinds and Piano. JCM has generated a high level of enthusiasm about classical chamber music among the youth in our community. Currently, we offer two levels of ensembles – Overture and Conservatory. String students as young as age 8 and Wind students as young as age 11, with a minimum of 2 years experience can enter the Overture String or the Jubilate Woodwind Ensembles and later move up to join the advanced students in the Conservatory Ensembles as they gain more years of experience.

This highly successful and unique program focuses on providing each student the opportunity to learn and perform music in a small ensemble where each part is as important as the other.


Students who study chamber music develop a high level of responsibility and commitment while discovering their role as a team member in a group or ensemble. The importance of how well they prepare and present their part and how this influences the rest of the group is one of the cornerstones of performing chamber works. Fostered and coached by professional musicians, students learn the value of working to achieve excellence and the rewards of hard work. In addition, the study of music provides students with historical snapshots of various time periods and allows for development of compassion and respect at an early age. Students participating in this program develop a strong sense of place in society and are able to give back through participation in concerts and by sharing increased leadership skills in their school orchestras, bands and other ensembles and organizations.

High Acclaim for Just Chamber Music

Teachers and students agree: Just Chamber Music is one of the best chamber music festivals for aspiring young musicians in Northern Colorado!

“I came to the Just Chamber Music program not knowing what to expect, but after meeting and working with the coaches, I was pleasantly surprised! It is definitely a program worth taking time out of the summer for!”
- Alyssa, age 18
“It is a ton of fun! I learned a lot of interesting things and had a blast!!
- Hannah, age 13
“It’s an awesome experience and a great chance to make friends and improve personal music skills.”
- Lael, age 16
“I had tons of fun! I learned a lot.”
- Lily, age 13
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